No. not specifically, but many local and state health departments are recognizing its social distancing benefits andapproving courses to allow double riders when physical “sneeze barriers” are in place.

Nothing protects totally against this nasty virus, and golf clubs need to adopt a multifaceted approach to protecting their golfers. Social Distancer is just one element.


Yes, it does not interfere with rain canopy operations.

No. It will not install on a very few cart that have roofs with raised ridges that run across the cart.

Yes, the Social Distancer easily adjusts for carts with seat to roof heights between 36” and 42”

Yes, installation does not require drilling any holes, and after the pandemic risk, all the adhesive pieces can be removed without leaving residue or marks on the cart.

Yes. At just $70 the payback is less than one day. A typical 200 round per day course with a $50 green fee could generate $100,000 added revenue in just 30 days. PLUS, even after the state restrictions are lifted, many older more vulnerable golfers are going to want the added security for their personal well-being.